Autoconcepto general y físico en jóvenes españoles y brasileños que practican actividad física vs. no practicantes

M. Dieppa, J. Machargo, otros otros


This paper analyses and compares the general and physical self-concept of young subjects who practise some kind of physical activity with that of non practitioners. In order to achieve this objective, we have studied the relationship between playing sport or the absence of it and the general and physical self-concept of Spanish and Brazilian young people. Likewise, we have also analysed differences regarding age, gender and academic background. The corpus of study consists of 476 young subjects ages 19-30 (292 from Spain and 184 from Brazil). The data have been compiled from the Cuestionario de Autoconcepto (Self-Concept uestionnaire), which was devised for this purpose. The results indicate that practitioners have a better physical self-concept, but not a better general one. Men show a better physical self-concept than women and Brazilians consider themselves more positively than Spanish subjects do. No differences are found regarding the subjects' age or academic background.

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