Effects of school sport competitions on improvement climate, perceived competence, intrinsic motivation and effort

José Antonio Cecchini, Beatriz Sánchez-Martínez, Antonio Méndez-Giménez, Javier Fernández-Río


In the present study, for the first time, a predictive model based on the intraindividual differences in physical education students’ perceptions of the improvement climate, perceived competence, intrinsic motivation an effort prior and after a 1.000 meters athletics competition was conducted. 743 students (395 boys, 348 girls) agreed to participate. The hypothesized model (ΔImprovement climate → ΔCompetence → ΔIntrinsic Motivation → ΔEffort) did not show a good fit. Lagrange’s test showed that a path should be added from improvement climate to motivation, and from perceived competence to effort. In the last step, intrinsic motivation prediction over effort was non-significant. The model fit improved significantly: SBχ2 (576) = 1352.14 p < .001, *CFI = .93, *RMSEA (90% CI) = .043 (.040, .046), SRMR = .07. Finally, results are discussed and future trends are proposed.


Motivational climate; TARGET; Self-determination; Intraindividual change

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