Analysis of the Perception of the Effort Between Players and Coaches in Minibasket Competition

Maite Fuentes-Azpiroz, Sebastian Feu, Julio Calleja-González, Ana Concepción Jiménez


This article analyzed the existing relationship between the subjective perception of effort (RPE) expressed by players and coaches during mini-basket competition and assess the perception of coaches based on the characteristics of the competition. One hundred and fifty players (67 boys and 83 girls) and 25 coaches (19 men and 6 women) participed in this study. For the record of the RPE, the pictorial scale (Eston and Parfitt, 2007) was used. The records were made individually to the players and coaches (at the end of each game period), and to the coaches (at the end of the game). A cross-sectional, descriptive, ex post-fact study was designed using a survey to collect information on the characteristics of training and competition. The results described that players expressed mean RPE = 4.41 ± 1.6 AU. On the other hand, coaches on the RPE of their players as moderate (M = 4.66 ± 1.82 AU), not observing significant differences in RPE according to the sex of the athletes (U = 5060.00; p = .060), the phase of the championship (X2 = .535; p = .765) and the degree of equilibrium of the period (X2 = 5.532; p = .063). However, significant differences were found in the coach’s perception of victory (M±SD = 3.91 ± 1.46) or defeat (M±SD = 4.98 ± 1.59) in the match (U = 5265.00; p < .05; d = 0.34). Therefore, we can conclude that the RPE expressed by the coaches agrees with the RPEaverage of the participants of the competition.


Perception of the effort; Coach; Player; Mini-basket

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