Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Referee Self-Efficacy Scale (REFS)

Félix Guillén, Deborah Feltz, Todd Gilson, Lori Dithurbide


The purpose of the present study was to translate into Spanish and analyze the reliability and validity of the Referee Self-Efficacy Scale (REFS). The English version of the 13-item REFS, which was created by Myers, Feltz, Guillén and Dithurbide (2012), was analyzed with data obtained from a sample of 490 Spanish referees representing three different team sports. The reliability was evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha and test-retest. The validity was assessed through Conrmatory Factor Analyses and the correlations between the REFS subscales. The reliability estimated with Cronbach’s alpha was (alpha = .85) which was acceptable for the 13-item REFS as well as its subscales ranged .72 to .80. The Conrmatory Factor Analyses were performed which supported a 13-item REFS, assessing the four hypothesized dimensions of self-efficacy: game knowledge, decision-making, pressure, and communication. The overall fit of the model was good showing value of .95 for AGFI, .97 for GFI and NNFI, .98 for CFI, and .04 for RMSEA. In conclusion, this version shows good properties in terms of its dimensionality and internal consistency. Guidelines are also provided for future research on its validity as a measure of self-efficacy in a sample of Spanish officials.


Sports officials; Sources of sport confidence; Sport referees; Exploratory structural equation modeling

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