Scientific and methodological support of psychological care of sports activities

Lira Ulyaeva, Inessa Rodionova, Vladimir Sivitskiy, Elizaveta Melnik, Elena Voskresenskaya, Bulat Radnaguruev, Gulnaz Ulyaeva


The article examines the scientific and methodical basis of psychological preparation of athletes: models, model characteristics, monitoring of preparedness of athletes, innovative psychodiagnostic, psychocorrective and psychotherapeutic measures of psychological care of sports activities. The article justified new approaches to psychological preparation of young athletes 7-10 years old through the use of desktop games. In this article you can find author’s table game “psysports,” disclosed psychological purpose that solved by using this games when working with young athletes. The game «PSY-SPORT» is aimed at achieving the following objectives: a) improving the socio-psychological climate of young athletes and developing their ability to communicate effectively with their teammates; b) the formation of a positive attitude to the favorite sport, training and competitive activities, teammates; c) the formation of motivation to chosen sports; d) increasing the level of psychological culture of young athletes; e) acting out of emotions and feelings; f) the development of skills of self-control, controlling your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions; g) analysis of the hidden psychological problems manifesting themselves in gaming activities; h) increasing confidence and self-esteem; i) acquisition of knowledge about the sport; j) development of moral qualities. The main features of table games are vivid emotional coloring, the ability to display each child’s personal qualities and creative qualities of a psychologist and a coach during their preparation, organization and carrying out.


monitoring; psychological support; psychotherapeutic methods; “psy-sport” game

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